Neo4j and Google Cloud Announce Strategic Partnership

Neo4j Brings Its Leading Graph Database to Google Cloud as a Managed Service Google Cloud Next ’19, SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – April 9, 2019Neo4j, the leader in graph databases, and Google Cloud today announced a strategic partnership that will offer the Neo4j graph database delivered as a seamless experience integrated with GCP console, billing, and support services.
Learn about Neo4j for Google Cloud, a new tightly integrated, fully managed cloud service
  Emil Eifrem, CEO and Co-Founder of Neo4j, explained the value of the new partnership with Google Cloud. “Google won their market using the power of graph technology with PageRank,” remarked Eifrem. “Neo4j couldn’t have a better partner to bring the power of graphs to developers and businesses as a managed service. Google Cloud has demonstrated a deep respect for Neo4j’s open source roots and for our role in pioneering the graph database category. Our partnership aims to provide a tightly-integrated, best-of-breed graph database cloud offering to make it simple for developers to leverage connected data for maximum impact.” Through their partnership, Neo4j and Google Cloud will deliver the leading graph database to developers and businesses in a simple, friction-free way. Highlights of Neo4j for Google Cloud include:
  • Highly-available and fully-managed graph database service
  • Scales elastically in response to changing needs
  • Runs on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the world’s best managed Kubernetes service
  • Secured with end-to-end encryption
  • Billed through GCP
Graph databases help developers harness connected data and avoid the complex queries and slow JOINs that make SQL databases difficult to work with. For developers, this means simplified data modeling, avoiding any translation between data model and code. For project leaders, the graph model is the simplest way to express complex systems. As a result, the gap between business teams, their data models and their IT departments is narrowed, significantly boosting insights and innovation. Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Business Development at Google Cloud,  discussed why the time is right to bring a graph database managed service to Google Cloud Platform, and the motivation for partnering with Neo4j. “We’re delighted to partner with Neo4j, and we look forward to adding Neo4j for Google Cloud as our first graph database managed service. We share a commitment to a robust open source community that encourages innovation and provides the best possible outcomes for customers,” said Ichhpurani. “Connected data use cases are driving business value for businesses across many industries, so partnering with Neo4j to deliver their database as a managed service on GCP is a no-brainer.” Interested parties can go to the Google Cloud blog to learn more about the partnership.
About Neo4j® for Google Cloud
Developers and business leaders looking to find out more about Neo4j for Google Cloud should visit and take a test drive of Neo4j on Google Cloud. Resources
About Neo4j
Neo4j is the leading graph database platform that drives innovation and competitive advantage at Airbus, Comcast, eBay, NASA, UBS, Walmart and more. Thousands of community deployments and more than 300 customers harness connected data with Neo4j to reveal how people, processes, locations and systems are interrelated. Using this relationships-first approach, applications built using Neo4j tackle connected data challenges including artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and master data. Find out more at Share this on Twitter Contact: