Neo4j Graph Database Wins 2012 InfoWorld Bossie Award

Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced that Neo4j won a prestigious IDG InfoWorld Bossie award. The annual awards recognize the best open source software for business in a variety of categories with winners selected by IDG test center editors and reviewers.

“Neo4j is best used to accurately and efficiently model highly complex, interconnected networks like network topologies, social networks, and conditional access control problems, providing indexes on nodes and relationships,” said Deep Mistry, contributor to InfoWorld. “Direct path calculations take hundreds of lines of code for a RDBMS but just two lines of code for Neo4j.”

Now in production for over nine years, Neo4j provides the fastest way to model and query connected data. As Big Data management continues to challenge the enterprise, vendors are increasingly recognizing the value of leveraging graph databases to map relationships for improved data management and business insight.

“InfoWorld selecting Neo4j for a Bossie award is more evidence of Neo4j’s leadership of the graph database market,” said Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology. “Neo4j’s momentum is unstoppable as customers from enterprise to startups choose graph databases for their most demanding connected data applications.”