Neo4j is the Graph Database of Choice for Online Recommendations Companies Worldwide

  • CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Cisco Systems, Bright Media Corporation and Other Leading Companies Tap into Neo4j to Solve Connected Data Challenges

  • Registration Opens for Online Recommendations Webinars Taking Place on June 4 and June 19

SAN MATEO, Calif. – May 15, 2013 – Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced continued global adoption of Neo4j by Online Recommendations companies, including CareerBuilder, Squidoo, Cisco Systems, CareerArc Group, Bright Media Corporation and others. Neo will also offer two webinars on graph databases and Online Recommendations on June 4 and 19.

As the world becomes more and more connected, the ability to leverage and translate connected data to the benefit of users is an absolute must for the Online Recommendations industry. Graph databases continue to be the technology of choice for this sector and beyond as companies are turning to Neo4j to solve their connected data challenges in effort to power user queries and suggestions.

Neo4j enables companies to harness the power of the Online Recommendations graph by allowing social and professional connections to be represented “as it is” through the mature and agile features of a graph database. As websites scale from zero to millions of users, only Neo4j offers the power and speed that can accommodate real-time user queries in tandem with growing performance demands.

Customer Highlights

  • CareerArc Group is an Online Recommendations engine that serves as the next generation of social recruiting solutions for job seekers, college students, employers and higher education institutions. The CareerArc career ecosystem includes three sites serving over 30 million annual visitors and 40,000 companies and universities. CareerArc Group leverages Neo4j to increase its users’ social graph visibility while meeting business objectives to a growing number of user requests. The company recently implemented Neo4j in its ‘Who Do You Know’ application on Facebook.

  • Glassdoor is an online jobs and career community whose mission is to help people make more informed job decisions. Glassdoor, a two-time Webby Award Winner for Best Employment Site, offers four million salary reports, company reviews, interview reviews and more. With the help of Neo4j, Glassdoor provides real-time job recommendations to over 19 million members. Glassdoor is unique in bringing together the latest jobs listings, employee-provided insights on what it’s like to work at specific companies, along with the ability to users to see their Inside Connections (via Facebook) at hiring companies.

  • Cisco Systems is the market-leading manufacturer of computer networking equipment. Cisco needed to provide real-time query capabilities over the complex versioned graph data structure that models the company’s entire sales organization. Data durability and integrity were also of very high importance in their selection of a solution. Cisco turned to Neo4j to power its next generation sales organization MDM system, and has been able to model its complex conflict-detection algorithms with ease, all in real time.

  • Bright Media Corporation builds technology that helps jobseekers to find the best job opportunities and companies to identify interested and highly qualified job seekers. Its Bright Score, based on a study including over 2.8 million resumes, 8.6 million job seekers, hundreds of recruiters and HR professionals, and a team of 15 data scientists and engineers, examines thousands of data points to find the best fit between job seekers and job openings. With the help of Neo4j, Bright lets users find jobs at companies where their friends are already employed. Bright does this by combining information from users’ Facebook connections with additional information, such as employment history, alongside details on active job postings.

  • Squidoo is the popular social publishing platform where users share their passions. The site features Postcards, which are single page, beautifully designed recommendations of books, movies, music albums, quotes, and other products and media types. Neo4j offers a powerful database for organizing the Postcards taxonomy and for generating recommendations on what people should be doing next. By leveraging Neo4j, Squidoo can focus on creating an awesome experience for its users, rather than worry about scaling, architecture, or other technical concerns.

  •, formerly YourNextLeap, is the company building the next generation job site to improve the way hiring is done in India. Neo4j powers the company’s unique recommendation engine, which leverages a Career Graph to ensure a high degree of matching. By creating a career profile, job seekers can find the right jobs in the smartest way, and employers the most relevant job seekers.

  • Humanvest increases online user engagement via social proof, providing more visibility into commonalities between any two individuals. Originally designed as a crowd-funding business, Humanvest has expanded to include lead generation, risk management and e-commerce services to customers. Humanvest uses Neo4j as an integral part of its services, to produce results fast while having flexibility in adding new datasets.

From the social graph, to the career graph, to the online recommendation graph, organizations are adopting graph databases to get more out of their existing data through understanding and leveraging it in new ways. Neo4j has the largest partner and developer ecosystem among graph database vendors with tens of thousands of successful deployments, including over 25 of the Global 2000.

Register to join Neo’s upcoming webinars:

Graphs for Recommendations with Reco4j

When: June 4, 2013 at 8:00 PDT/16:00 BST


Graph databases are a popular choice for Online Recommendations systems, given their ability to flexibly store social data. Organizations use Neo4j worldwide to manage their Online Recommendations systems in effort to provide valuable social elements to their users. Reco4j is an open source project that aims to develop a recommendation framework based on graph data sources as a value-add to customers. Join us for our co-hosted webinar with Reco4j, as we discuss the recommendation engines and graph databases.

Increasing Online User Engagement with Humanvest and Neo4j

When: June 19, 2013 at 10:00 PDT


While companies spend a lot to drive traffic to their websites, the conversion rate ultimately remains elusive. Humanvest increases online user engagement via social proof, providing more visibility into commonalities between any two individuals. Originally designed as a crowd-funding business, Humanvest has expanded to include lead generation, risk management and e-commerce services to customers. Humanvest uses Neo4j as an integral part of its services to produce results fast with the flexibility for adding new datasets.

Join our webinar with Humanvest and Neo Technology as we discuss how graph databases are used to increase online user engagement via social proof.

Supporting quotes

“Neo4j is the technology of choice for Online Recommendations companies that seek solutions to their connected data challenges as well as the ability to provide insight into continually changing data.” – Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology

“Neo4j allows us to organize pages of personal recommendations relating to books, movies, music albums, quotes, and other products and media types, in a format that is interesting for people to browse through. The graph model is more relational than the relational model. We saw Neo4j as a better fit because we could make all of the necessary connections without having to worry about performance or scaling in the future.”  – Gil Hildebrand, Chief Engineer at Squidoo