Neo4j Named Operational Graph Database Champion by Bloor

Bloor’s 2016 Graph and RDF Databases report highlights Neo4j’s high performance and increased focus on scale, its impressive track record and its strong partner base as big-name software vendors race to embed graph databases in their enterprise solutions

Neo Technology — creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database — has been confirmed as the champion among operational graph databases in Bloor Research’s comprehensive 2016 analysis of the graph and resource description framework (RDF) database market.

The report, a deep technical analysis of all the main solutions on the market, holds up Neo4j as “the clear leader in the property graph space when it comes to operational and hybrid operational/analytic environments;” and “the most well-known database in the entire graph space.”

Among Neo4j’s key strengths, Bloor highlights:

  • The emphasis on performance — via its native graph engine and database optimiser. Scale is also a major focus.
  • Neo4j’s significant partner base — as hundreds of developers extend and add new value to Neo4j. Pitney Bowes, for example, embeds Neo4j in its master data management (MDM) product — a trend which Bloor notes is rising sharply, as software vendors realise the value of building graph database capabilities into their products.
  • Its stability, thanks to the longevity of Neo Technology and Neo4j (Neo Technology was founded 16 years ago). This robustness is very appealing to enterprise customers.

Commenting on the findings, Philip Howard, the author of the Bloor report, highlighted the link between Neo4j’s key traits and the growing ambitions of a broad spectrum of organizations to exploit complex relationships between different types of data.

“Graph database technology is increasingly being embedded into other software, making it much easier for companies to combine and extract greater value from a wider range of connected data,” said Howard. “In fact, Neo Technology has been actively promoting this approach from its early days as a company, and today, it is a major force in transforming the way organizations store, process, visualize and analyze data — without the need for special applications.”

Neo Technology’s meteoric rise continues. Earlier this year the company secured $36 million in new funding, which it will use to build on the tremendous momentum around Neo4j.

Of Bloor’s top ranking of Neo4j as an operational graph database, Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology and co-creator of Neo4j, said, “The market’s response to the power of our technology in extracting the true value of data — which comes from the relationships between data as much as from the data itself — is incredibly rewarding. It is fantastic to be officially recognised in this way: it’s the perfect way to end a milestone year.”