Neo4j Partnership with Digitate Gains Momentum

Artificial Intelligence Applications Increasingly Driven by Graph Databases

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Sept. 10, 2019 – Neo4j, the leader in graph databases, announced that Digitate’s flagship product ignio™, which embeds Neo4j, has acquired more than a dozen enterprise customers in its first quarter of general availability. 

ignio is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based cognitive product that uses advanced information mapping and machine learning to optimize complex operations in the areas of IT data center, workload and ERP application management. 

Digitate was recently recognized by AI Breakthrough as the Best AI Company of the Year, based largely on the success and innovation of the ignio AIOps Platform. ignio uses Neo4j to map context and accuracy for its Blueprint feature. ignio has embedded Neo4j since its February 2019 Cheetah release. Customer deployments include top global brands in retail, financial services, telecommunications, electronics, manufacturing and utilities.

Digitate’s flagship product ignio™ embeds Neo4j

ignio’s Blueprint leverages Neo4j to capture and create a comprehensive model of an organization and its IT infrastructure. Neo4j’s graph technology maps, associates and binds disparate business operations that depend upon interconnected processes, application functions and infrastructure components. This allows ignio to effectively identify the root causes of issues, perform actions autonomously and drive smart decision making. 

Amy E. Hodler, Neo4j Analytics & AI Program Director at Neo4j, explained why graph technology is essential to ensure contextual relevance and efficiency for AI.  

“It’s exciting to see the acceleration of AI solutions underpinned by graph technology," said Hodler. "Learning applications sorely need graph technology to provide context for more effective predictions. ignio starts with intelligent processes to learn and map relationships across business and technical layers, using Neo4j’s native Graph Platform to effectively store and manage complex, dynamic information."        

ignio manages millions of technology resources autonomously across more than 100 Global 2000 clients, which are leaders and innovators in their respective industries. 

Digitate’s Head of Product Engineering, Harish Iyer, explained how the Digitate team selected Neo4j to understand and manage the complexity of each customer’s enterprise structure, constituent parts and relationships. 

“We chose Neo4j because we wanted superior graph technology that we could trust for the long term,” Iyer said. “Neo4j is the clear market leader in the graph database category, with a platform proven to perform and scale across a wide range of sophisticated environments. Another huge benefit of working with Neo4j has been their vibrant community and a global network of skilled developers”.

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Neo4j customers are demonstrating that graph database technology brings tremendous value to AI and machine learning projects – especially in the area of knowledge graphs, which add essential context for AI applications. 

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