Neo4j Powers Master Data Management (MDM) Applications for Enterprises Across the Globe

Neo4j is the Proven Solution for Businesses to Unlock Value from their MDM Programs

Neo Technology, creator of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today announced the adoption of Neo4j for Master Data Management (MDM) applications by leading organizations including Cisco, StarHub and Polyvore. These enterprises and others are leveraging Neo4j to unlock business value by making the most of the data relationships inherent in their information.  

Graph Databases: The Logical Choice for MDM

Graph databases allow organizations to consolidate MDM data from many systems into one, to offer a highly related, true view of this data. This enables companies to extract significant business value from their information.

As new research from InfoAdvisors1 finds, "The future of master data management will derive value from data and its relationships to other data. MDM will be about supplying consistent, meaningful views of master data. In many cases, we will be able to unify data into one location, especially to optimize for query performance and data fit. Graph databases offer exactly that type of data/performance."

Specific benefits of graph databases for MDM include:

  • Discovering New Answers — and New Questions — in Existing Data: With a graph database, businesses can ask questions about the data relationships in their Master data that they might not even know they have, driving new business insights.

  • 360 Degree View of Master Data: With a graph database, a business user can explore data about a product, and then click through to see the customers or types of customers that have purchased or viewed those items. Using the power of a graph, a business can explore data across systems and databases without having to change them.

  • Database Performance when querying network and hierarchical data: A graph database is optimized to support questions about data relationships. That means that business users get fast access to answers about the complex, real world interconnectivity of master data. Traditional relational databases often struggle with these sorts of demands.

  • Master Data Deduplication and Unification: Graph databases are used to identify potential duplicates in an MDM system based not just on matching data elements, but by inferring relationships between instances of master data. The result is true unification of data in a single system.

Enterprises Flock to Neo4j for MDM Applications

As the world’s leading graph database, Neo4j is the trusted solution for MDM applications, helping enterprises solve some of their most critical data challenges. Customers include:

  • Cisco Systems is the market-leading manufacturer of computer networking equipment. Cisco needed to provide real-time query capabilities over the complex versioned graph data structure that models the company’s entire sales organization. Data durability and integrity were also of very high importance in their selection of a solution. Cisco turned to Neo4j to power its next generation sales organization MDM system, and has been able to model its complex conflict-detection algorithms with ease, all in real time.

  • StarHub is a fully integrated info-communications company providing a wide range of services for TV, mobile, internet and other platforms in Singapore. Using the data relationships in StarHub’s product and customer master data is key to improving customer service, completing orders and decreasing cost of sales. With Neo4j, StarHub has reduced the time required to put together a product bundles from one month to 10 days – a huge advantage for this seven billion dollar company.

  • Polyvore is revolutionizing e-commerce. With their user-generated sets of products providing recommendations to other users, Polyvore is changing the way online shoppers discover new products. Polyvore is using Neo4j to manage their vast catalog of millions of items, and make real-time recommendations to users based on the data relationships between those items.

As Graph Database Adoption Continues to Grow, So Does the Power of Neo4j

Neo Technology continues to address a tremendous need for powerful graph database technology, as Forrester Research analysts have recently reported that graph databases will reach over 25 percent of all enterprises by 20172. And according to leading analyst firm, Gartner Inc., “Graph analysis is possibly the single most effective competitive differentiator for organizations pursuing data-driven operations and decisions after the design of data capture.” 3Neo Technology is consistently recognized by Gartner and other leading organizations for its innovation, having being named a Cool Vendor in DBMS, 2014, listed among the ‘Who’s Who in NoSQL DBMSs’, and included in the 2014 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems (DBMS).

Neo Technology Offers Complimentary MDM White Paper

To learn more about graph databases and MDM, download Neo’s “Your Master Data Is a Graph: Are you Ready?” white paper now at:

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