Over 19,000 NoSQL Users on LinkedIn Listed with Neo4j Skills

More Than 19,000 LinkedIn Users List Neo4j as a Skill as Professional Neo4j Community Continues to Grow

Today Neo Technology, creator of the world’s leading graph database Neo4j, announced that more than 19,000 professionals have listed Neo4j as a skill on LinkedIn, and more than 500 have taken extra steps and become “Neo4j Certified Professionals.” Neo4j launched the Neo4j Certification Exam last year, and since then data scientists, software engineers, technical architects and hundreds of other technology professionals from companies such as Microsoft, Humana and Booz Allen Hamilton have become Neo4j Certified. This momentum shows that harnessing connections in data with Neo4j has become a priority for organizations across a number of industries and a foundational skill for a variety of technology professionals.

In December 2016, 451 Group released its most recent NoSQL LinkedIn Skills Index, which tracks and ranks the number of mentions of different NoSQL databases in LinkedIn member profiles. The latest ranking showed that Neo4j had surpassed CouchDB and moved to fifth place overall, underscoring Neo4j’s ongoing traction.

The Neo4j Certification Exam is part of the Neo4j GraphAcademy, designed to bolster the Neo4j community through education and training resources. The certification program was launched so Neo4j customers could work with proven experts and derive more value from their Neo4j deployments, and so Neo4j experts themselves could showcase their Neo4j mastery on professional networks, like LinkedIn and GitHub.

“The success of Neo4j and our customers is directly tied to the excitable, brilliant and tireless users that make up its community,” said Emil Eifrem, CEO and co-founder of Neo Technology. “Neo4j has become the defacto standard for unlocking connections in data, evidenced by the variety and sheer number of customers leveraging our technology. The traction of our certification program has been outstanding, and we have more instructional content, training classes and events planned so our community can thrive and our customers will succeed.”

Neo4j Certified Professionals have proven they are experts in the following categories:

  • The property graph model
  • Cypher syntax, including creation and querying of data
  • Data modeling
  • Developing with Neo4j
  • Neo4j in production and High Availability (HA)

The Neo4j community continues to grow and expand, with 44,000 members in the community and more than 450 Neo4j global events in 2016. Neo4j’s semi-annual user conference, GraphConnect, reached its five year anniversary in 2016, drawing more than 1,000 attendees.

Neo Technology is planning a new certification specific to Neo4j 3.1, which includes Cypher updates, causal clustering, and security and operations. To take the current exam, please follow this link: https://neo4j.com/graphacademy/neo4j-certification/. If you have questions around the Neo4j Certification Program or the exam, please send an email to certification@neo4j.com