Readify join forces with Neo Technology

Readify has joined Neo Technology’s Neo4j Partner Graph program. Neo Technology are the creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. “We are seeing increased traction in the web scale database space, addressing mostly non-relational, connected, distributed, and horizontally scalable solutions. We now have working client solutions running Neo4j, a leading graph database, in conjunction with Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Today we are excited to join Neo Technology’s Neo4j Partner Graph program to continue to provide valuable, scalable database solutions to our clients.” said Graeme Strange, Managing Director, Readify. As data explodes in volume and complexity, the world is looking to new ways of storing, querying and analyzing ‘big data’. As a high performance graph database, Neo4j is transactional, durable, and scales to meet the demands of complex, highly-connected data. “Our partners are a key component to achieving our goal of driving massive adoption of graph databases. Neo4j’s unique approach to solving the complex, connected data challenges has been proven across thousands of installations, and with our network of partners we’re extending this experience to new markets and opportunities,” said Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology. Readify are already developing solutions for their customers using a combination of Neo4j technology and Microsoft Azure, with their most recent project at Barnardos. “For the Barnardos project, Neo4j gives us a fit-for-purpose way of dealing with highly connected data. The unique structure of a graph database has enabled new features, such as allowing us to identify and suggest potentially related clients, by having the database platform actually understand the relationships in the family unit. This gives us a functional step up on traditional database solutions.” said Tatham Oddie, Principal Consultant, Readify. About Readify Since 1999, Readify has been assisting organisations to innovate on the Microsoft Application Development Platform, helping them achieve the best results from their technology. This is evident through our strong record of successful projects and through the people that choose to work with Readify. In 2012, Readify won the Microsoft Worldwide Software Partner of the Year  award, a strong achievement as no other Australian company has won global recognition for software development from Microsoft.