Strata Conference will feature Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology

The CEO of Neo Technology, Emil Eifrem, will be on hand [at Strata Conference 2013] to talk with attendees about Neo4j, his company’s NoSQL graph database. He’ll also discuss some of strides that graph technology vendors and users have made in recent years.

“Facebook just launched Graph Search, which is one of the most impressive big data architectures we’ve seen in a long time,” Eifrem said in an email interview. “While pretty much every single Web empire in recent memory (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter) have been built on the foundation of processing graphs, no one so far has been able to do it at that massive scale in real time.” Eifrem explained that the graph landscape — which includes graph databases like Neo4j and InfiniteGraph, as well as graph compute engines such as Giraph — has grown up considerably in recent years. While some graph technologies come from independent vendors like Neo, others like FlockDB and Cassovary are the result of work that was initially done by developers at big Internet firms like Twitter and Google. “The graph ecosystem today is where Hadoop was three years ago,” Eifrem said. “Many of the technology problems have been solved inside of the big Web giants, and it is just now getting spun out and made commercially available to the rest of the world. It’s a great time to get clued in on these solutions.” Read the full article.