World’s Largest Telcos Adopt Graph Databases To Solve Connected Data Issues

Telenor Group, Cisco, M800 and Deutsche Telekom Experience Significant Gains with Neo4j Neo Technology today announced strong traction in the telecommunication (Telco) industry with several new customer wins including Cisco, M800, Deutsche Telekom and Telenor Group. These customer endorsements show that Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, is proving to be successful in solving some of the most critical, connected, telecommunications data issues. As data explodes in volume and complexity, many systems have difficulty handling sophisticated queries while achieving high performance results. Neo4j is the industry’s only NOSQL database designed to solve complex, connected data challenges. As a high performance graph database, Neo4j is transactional, durable, and scales to meet the demands of complex data. Neo4j’s key benefits to Telecommunications companies include: Real-time response. Neo4j graph queries happen in real time, rather than in highly latent batches. For instance, when a customer adds the “NFL Package” to their account, they expect to flip to that channel and watch the game in progress, not wait until next week’s game.
  • 100 percent on-demand availability. Customers expect service uptime to be 100 percent, as delays and problems lead to expensive support overhead. With Neo4j, Telcos benefit from the scalable high-performance of replication on a local or global cluster of servers.
  • Dependability and durability through ACID transactions. With Neo4j, data is reliably saved to disk during a transaction, guaranteeing consistent and dependable data.
  • High-performance on complex, connected data through graph queries. Neo4j is optimized for performing customer-oriented queries–such as customer services, messages, information– demanded by Telco consumers. Graph queries don’t suffer join penalties as data sets grow in size, and scale readily for complex traversals. As the graph grows, query performance stays constant.
Customer Highlights/Key Facts
  • Telenor Group, one of the top ten wireless Telco companies in the world, currently uses Neo4j to manage its customer organizational structures. The ability to model and query complex data such as customer and account structures with high performance has proven to be critical to Telenor’s ongoing success.
  • Cisco selected Neo4j as its database of choice when setting out to build its next-generation master data management platform. According to Cisco, Neo4j outperformed Oracle RAC by orders of magnitude for its ability to store and query interconnected tree structures and execute complex validation logic in real time.
  • Deutsche Telekom leverages Neo4j for its highly scalable social soccer fan web site attracting tens of thousands of visitors during each soccer match, where it provides painless data modeling, seamless data model extendibility, and high performance and reliability.
  • Hong Kong based M800 Limited uses Neo4j to allow its users to create a collaborative social address book, connecting their address book and message details, and providing a secure and reliable mobile social network.
As the leading Telco provider in the Nordics, we need a reliable system to cater to our large user base. With complex dependencies between accounts, products and companies, Neo4j’s high performance engine provides flexibility of data representation along with features that extend beyond traditional relational databases. We have high expectations on how the Neo4j engine can contribute in delivering high quality services within our value chain. — Telenor Norway We’ve seen first hand that Telcos are supplementing traditional relational databases because they are not effective for managing relationships between millions of subscribers with multiple connections. At the same time, they are gravitating to Neo4j because, simply put, graph databases are the ideal solution for any application that relies on the relationships between records. Our customers tell us that Neo4j is the natural choice when it comes to managing and storing connected data. — Emil Eifrem, CEO of Neo Technology

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Graphs are everywhere. From websites adding social capabilities to Telcos providing personalized customer services to innovative bioinformatics research, organizations are adopting graph databases as the best way to model and query connected data. Neo Technology researchers have pioneered graph databases since 2000 and have been instrumental in bringing the power of the social graph to customers such as Adobe, Cisco, and Deutsche Telekom. Now in production for nine years, Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database with the largest ecosystem of partners and tens of thousands of successful deployments worldwide. Neo Technology is a privately held company funded by Fidelity Growth Partners Europe, Sunstone Capital and Conor Venture Partners, and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, with offices in Sweden, UK, Germany, and Malaysia. For more information, please visit # # # Contact: Julie Tangen Kulesa Faul (831) 425-1083