Importing data

This page describes the various ways you can get data into a Neo4j AuraDB database.

Note: The process of importing or loading data requires you to create an AuraDB database beforehand.

If you have data in an existing Neo4j database, you can follow the instructions in Importing an existing Neo4j database.

If your data exists outside of Neo4j as a .csv file, you can follow the instructions in Loading CSV data.

Importing an existing Neo4j database

There are two ways you can import data from an existing Neo4j database into an AuraDB database.

The easiest way is to export a Neo4j database as a .dump file and use the Import database process. This process, however, only works for .dump files under 4GB.

If the size of the .dump file exported from a database is greater than 4GB, you must use the Push-to-cloud method.

Import database

To import a .dump file under 4GB:

  1. Navigate to the Neo4j Aura Console in your browser.

  2. Select the name of the database you want to import the data.

  3. Select the IMPORT DATABASE tab.

  4. Drag and drop your .dump file into the provided window or select Select a .dump file and select your file.

  5. Select Upload.

When the upload is complete, the database goes into a 'Loading' state as the dump is applied. Once this has finished, the database returns to its 'Running' state; and the data is ready.


Push-to-cloud is a Neo4j Admin command that you can run to upload the contents of a Neo4j database into an AuraDB database, regardless of the database’s size.

Instructions on running the command, which differ depending on how you have administered your database, can be found by selecting the Import tab at the top of the Aura Console or navigating directly to the Import page.

When prompted that the process is complete, the data is ready.

Loading CSV data

You can load data from a .csv file into an AuraDB database with the LOAD CSV Cypher statement within Neo4j Browser. For instructions on how to open an AuraDB database with Neo4j Browser, see Accessing a database.

There are some limitations to consider when loading a .csv file into an AuraDB database:

  • For security reasons, you must host your .csv file on a publicly accessible HTTP or HTTPS server. Examples of such servers include GitHub, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

  • The LOAD CSV command is built to handle small to medium-sized data sets, such as anything up to 10 million nodes and relationships. You should avoid using this command for any data sets exceeding this limit.