Neo4j Server

Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database. The architecture is designed for optimal management, storage, and traversal of nodes and relationships. There are two editions of Neo4j to choose from, the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition includes all that Community Edition has to offer, plus extra enterprise requirements such as backups, clustering, and failover capabilities.

Neo4j includes a web server that can host different HTTP modules. If you are using the default configuration, the web server will be started and host the BROWSER module (Neo4j Browser) at port 7474 when you start Neo4j. The BROWSER module is avaialable in Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

If you do not want to host Neo4j Browser when you start Neo4j, remove BROWSER from the comma-separated list of the configuration setting dbms.http_enabled_modules.

Example 1. Start Neo4j

Prerequisites for this example:

  • Install the Neo4j linux tarball.

  • Current working directory is <neo4j-home>.

  • Using the default configuration.

Start Neo4j with the command:

bin/neo4j start

Neo4j starts a web server with the BROWSER module (Neo4j Browser) on port 7474.
Point your web browser to http://localhost:7474/browser.

New versions of Neo4j Browser are released independently of Neo4j Server. The Browser version bundled with Neo4j Server is the latest at the time of the Neo4j Server release. Consequently, when used with a Neo4j server, the Browser version may not be the latest one, and new Browser functionality may not be immediately available. If you cannot wait for the next release of Neo4j Server and access to the latest version of Browser, refer to the other deployment options below. Additionally, you can always find the latest version of Neo4j Browser at