Importing Data with Neo4j 4.x

Learn how to import data into Neo4j.

ImportingDataWithNeo4j4.0 withTitle

About the Course

This online course is a collection of lessons and and hands-on exercises that will help you learn the many ways that you can import data into a Neo4j database.

This course is a subset of the importing lessons from the Introduction to Neo4j 4.0 course. If you have completed the importing lessons of the Introduction to Neo4j 4.0 course, you need not enroll in this course.


You should have completed the courses:

  • Overview of Neo4j 4.x

  • Querying with Neo4j 4.x

  • Creating Nodes and Relationships with Neo4j 4.x

  • Using Indexes and Query Best Practices with Neo4j 4.x


If you perform all of the hands-on exercises in this course, it will take you three hours to complete the course.

What you will learn

  • Overview of your options for importing data into Neo4j

  • Using LOAD CSV to load data

  • Using APOC for loading data

  • Using the neo4j-admin tool for loading data

  • Using an application for loading data

  • Using the Neo4j ETL Tool to load data from an RDBMS

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