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Transforming Enterprises & Government Agencies

Whether combating tax evasion, finding a cure for cancer, or increasing customer satisfaction and retention, today’s data-driven organizations need the power to reveal connections, hierarchies and dependencies at graph speed.

Neo4j powers real-time product recommendation engines, customer experience personalization, and supply-chain management for retailers.

Queries: Customer 360, Fraud Detection, Inventory, Logistics, Real-Time Recommendations, Supply Chain

Learn how Neo4j helps the telecommunications industry manage complex interdependencies in telecommunications, IT infrastructure, and other dense networks.

Queries: Asset Management, Customer 360, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Identity and Access Management, Impact Analysis

Financial services firms are recognizing the power of Neo4j to fight financial crimes, prevent and respond to cyber threats, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Queries: Anti Money Laundering (AML), Customer 360, Fraud Detection, Privacy, Regulatory Compliance

Learn how governments use Neo4j fight crime, prevent terrorism, improve fiscal responsibility, boost efficiency and provide transparency to their citizenry.

Queries: Anti Money Laundering (AML), Budgeting, Counterterrorism, Data Lineage, Logistics

Pharmaceutical companies, chemical manufacturers and biotech companies are using Neo4j to analyze data in ways not previously not possible without graphs.

Queries: Bioinformatics, Biomedical Knowledge Graph, Drug Discovery

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