Mixedbread API Access

Here is a list of all available Mixedbread API procedures:

name description

apoc.ml.mixedbread.custom(body, $config)

To create a customizable Mixedbread API call

apoc.ml.mixedbread.embedding(texts, $config)

To create a Mixedbread API call to generate embeddings

The $config parameter coincides with the payload to be passed to the http request, and additionally the following configuration keys.

Table 1. Common configuration parameter




analogous to apoc.ml.openai.type APOC config


analogous to apoc.ml.openai.url APOC config


analogous to apoc.ml.azure.api.version APOC config


To customize the url portion added to the base url (defined by the endpoint config). By default, is /embeddings, /completions and /chat/completions for respectively the apoc.ml.openai.embedding, apoc.ml.openai.completion and apoc.ml.openai.chat procedures.


To customize JSONPath of the response. The default is $ for the apoc.ml.openai.chat and apoc.ml.openai.completion procedures, and $.data for the apoc.ml.openai.embedding procedure.

Since embeddings are a super set of the Openai ones, under-the-hood they leverage the apoc.ml.openai.* procedures, so we can also create an APOC config apoc.ml.openai.url instead of the endpoint config.

Generate Embeddings API

This procedure apoc.ml.mixedbread.embedding can take a list of text strings, and will return one row per string, with the embedding data as a 1536 element vector. It uses the /embeddings/create API which is documented here.

Additional configuration is passed to the API, the default model used is mxbai-embed-large-v1.

Table 2. Parameters
name description


List of text strings


OpenAI API key


optional map. See Configuration table above

Table 3. Results
name description


index entry in original list


line of text from original list


embedding list of floatings/binary, or map of embedding lists of floatings / binaries, in case of multiple encoding_format

Generate Embeddings Call
CALL apoc.ml.mixedbread.embedding(['Some Text'], $apiKey, {}) yield index, text, embedding;
Table 4. Generate Embeddings Response
index text embedding


"Some Text"

[-0.0065358975, -7.9563365E-4, …​. -0.010693862, -0.005087272]

Generate Embeddings Call with custom embedding dimension and model
CALL apoc.ml.mixedbread.embedding(['Some Text', 'Other Text'],
    {model: 'mxbai-embed-2d-large-v1', dimensions: 4}
Table 5. Generate Embeddings Example Response
index text embedding


"Some Text"

[0.019943237, -0.08843994, 0.068603516, 0.034942627]


"Other Text"

[0.011482239, -0.09069824, 0.05331421, 0.034088135]

Generate Embeddings Call with custom embedding dimension, model and encoding_format
CALL apoc.ml.mixedbread.embedding(['Some Text', 'garpez'],
    {encoding_format: ["float", "binary", "ubinary", "int8", "uint8", "base64"]}
Table 6. Generate Embeddings Example Response
index text embedding


"Some Text"

{binary: <binaryResult>, ubinary: <ubinaryResult>, int8: <int8Result>, uint8: <uint8Result>, base64: <base64Result>, float: <floatResult>}



{binary: <binaryResult>, ubinary: <ubinaryResult>, int8: <int8Result>, uint8: <uint8Result>, base64: <base64Result>, float: <floatResult>}

Custom API

Via the apoc.ml.mixedbread.custom we can create a customizable Mixedbread API Request, returning a generic stream of objects.

For example, we can use the Reranking API.

Reranking API Call
CALL apoc.ml.mixedbread.custom($apiKey,
        endpoint: "https://api.mixedbread.ai/v1/reranking",
        model: "mixedbread-ai/mxbai-rerank-large-v1",
        query: "Who is the author of To Kill a Mockingbird?",
        top_k: 3,
        input: [
            "To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by Harper Lee published in 1960. It was immediately successful, winning the Pulitzer Prize, and has become a classic of modern American literature.",
                    "The novel Moby-Dick was written by Herman Melville and first published in 1851. It is considered a masterpiece of American literature and deals with complex themes of obsession, revenge, and the conflict between good and evil.",
                    "Harper Lee, an American novelist widely known for her novel To Kill a Mockingbird, was born in 1926 in Monroeville, Alabama. She received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1961.",
                    "Jane Austen was an English novelist known primarily for her six major novels, which interpret, critique and comment upon the British landed gentry at the end of the 18th century.",
                    "The Harry Potter series, which consists of seven fantasy novels written by British author J.K. Rowling, is among the most popular and critically acclaimed books of the modern era.",
                    "The Great Gatsby, a novel written by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, was published in 1925. The story is set in the Jazz Age and follows the life of millionaire Jay Gatsby and his pursuit of Daisy Buchanan."
Table 7. Generate Embeddings Example Response
  "model": "mixedbread-ai/mxbai-rerank-large-v1",
  "return_input": false,
  "data": [
      "index": 0,
      "score": 0.9980469,
      "object": "text_document"
      "index": 2,
      "score": 0.9980469,
      "object": "text_document"
      "index": 3,
      "score": 0.06915283,
      "object": "text_document"
  "usage": {
    "total_tokens": 302,
    "prompt_tokens": 302
  "object": "list",
  "top_k": 3