Extensions provide a way to expand the basic functionality of NeoDash with extra features. To enable an extension, open up the extensions window by clicking the puzzle piece icon in the left-sidebar of the screen. This will open up the Extensions Window, which lets you toggle active extensions for the current dashboard.

The Extensions Window

The following types of functionality can be added through NeoDash extensions:

  • A new type of visualization.

  • A more customizable version of an existing visualization.

  • New core features, such as rule-based styling or interactive reports.

The currently available extensions in NeoDash are:

Types of Extensions

1. Core Extensions

Core Extensions are available as part of the open-source NeoDash project. These are available to use for free anywhere - Neo4j Desktop, public NeoDash deployments, and self-hosted NeoDash deployments.

2. Expert Extensions

Expert Extensions are built by the Neo4j Professional Services team. These extensions push NeoDash to the next level, by providing extra functionality to create interactive graph applications. Reach out to Neo4j Professional Services if you are interested in a customized / new expert extension for your use-case.

3. Custom Extensions

Custom Extensions are self-built extensions that you can plug into the project. To learn about how to fork and extend NeoDash, check out the Developer Guide.