Markdown reports let you specify Markdown text, to be renderer as rich HTML. This lets you turn your dashboards into a storybook with textual descriptions, hyperlinks, images and videos.

To use dashboard parameters in Markdown, turn on the Replace global parameters in Markdown setting. Then, include a variable surrounded by backticks inside the markdown string. For example:

== This is a title
My variable is equal to `$neodash_person_object['name']`


Basic Markdown

## Hello there!
I'm a **Markdown** file.

Check out this cool image:

Basic Markdown

Advanced Settings

Name Type Default Value Description

Replace global parameters in Markdown



If enabled, replaces all instances of query parameters (e.g. $neodash_person_name) inside the markdown source.

Report Description

markdown text

When specified, adds another button the report header that opens a pop-up. This pop-up contains the rendered markdown from this setting.