When you are done building a dashboard, you may want to publish that dashboard for others to view. The workflow for a continuous dashboarding cycle may look something like this:


Keep in mind that the purpose of an application in the `View' phase is very different from the `Build' phase:

  1. A dashboard cannot be edited after it has been published.

  2. A fixed dashboard must be loaded and a fixed database must be connected to.

  3. Users in the `View' phase should not see the Cypher queries configuration powering the visualizations.


NeoDash enables the Build, Publish, View workflow by having two seperate deployments of the NeoDash application:

  1. An editor deployment for the build phase.

  2. A viewer deployment for the view phase.

The editor deployment is the app you are using from Neo4j Desktop, from, or from your own deployment.

The viewer deployment will require some configuration to be set up. These three configurations must be set for NeoDash to be able to run in `View' mode:

  1. A flag telling the app to disable all editing features.

  2. A hardcoded Neo4j database to connect to.

  3. A hardcoded dashboard to load.

Technical details on setting this up are documented in the Standalone Mode page.