An iFrame report lets you embed a webpage inside your NeoDash dashboard. The page can be loaded from any web address starting with http:// or https://, with some exceptions*.

The webpage must not explicitly disallow itself to be embedded, such as https://google.com.

To render iFrames interactively based on the dashboard state, your global dashboard parameters can be passed into it dynamically. See the Advanced Settings below for more information.


Basic iFrame

Basic iFrame

Dynamic iFrame

Dynamic iFrame

Advanced Settings

Name Type Default Value Description

Replace global parameters in URL



If enabled, replaces all instances of query parameters (e.g. $neodash_person_name) inside the iFrame URL.

Append global parameters to iFrame URL



If enabled, appends the full list of global parameters as URL parameters to the specified URL.

Report Description

markdown text

When specified, adds another button the report header that opens a pop-up. This pop-up contains the rendered markdown from this setting.