Simple and Predictable

AuraDS Professional Pricing*

AuraDS pricing is calculated based on the RAM per hour needed for your workload and whether the instance is running or paused.

  • For running instances, the rate is $0.125 USD per GB per hour
  • For paused instances, the rate is $0.025 USD per GB per hour
The below illustrates the size increments available in AuraDS Professional.

CPU Ram Storage Running Instance
$USD per Hour*
Paused Instance
$USD per Hour*
2 8GB 16GB $1.00 $.20
3 16GB 32GB $2.00 $.40
5 24GB 48GB $3.00 $.60
6 32GB 64GB $4.00 $.80
10 48GB 96GB $6.00 $1.20
12 64GB 128GB $8.00 $1.60
20 96GB 192GB $12.00 $2.40

Example Calculation

Running Instance

As an example, if you create an 8 GB instance and have it running for 4 hours, that’s 32 GB-hours at the “running instance” rate of $0.125.

8 GB x 4 hours = 32 GB-hours
32 GB-hours x $0.125 USD = $4.00 USD
Paused Instance

If you then pause that 8GB instance for 10 hours, that’s 80 GB-hours at the lower “paused instance” rate of $0.025.

8 GB x 10 hours = 80 GB-hours
80 GB-hours x $0.025 USD = $2.00 USD


For an 8 GB instance that was running for 4 hours and paused for 10 hours, the total cost comes out to $6.00*.

= $6.00 USD*

*Sales tax may be applied to all orders shipping to MA, NY, TN, TX or WA, and this amount will be updated and added to your order total once you have entered your shipping address. If you are located elsewhere, your jurisdiction may require you to report this purchase and pay the appropriate taxes directly.