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The Neo4j Graph Data Platform Platform

Neo4j's suite of graph technology products
helps the world make sense of data.

More than just the world’s leading graph database graph database

Centered around the leading graph database, today's Neo4j Graph Data Platform is a suite of applications and tools helping the world make sense of data.

The Platform includes Neo4j Graph Data Science – the leading enterprise-ready analytics workspace for graph data – the graph visualization and exploration tool Bloom, the Cypher query language, and numerous tools, integrations and connectors to help developers and data scientists build graph-based solutions with ease.

Neo4j Graph Database

Unlike other databases, Neo4j connects data as it's stored, enabling it to traverse deep connections orders-of-magnitude faster.

At the core of the Neo4j Graph Data Platform is the Neo4j Graph Database, a native graph data store built from the ground up to leverage not only data but also data relationships. Unlike other types of databases, Neo4j connects data as it’s stored, enabling queries never before imagined, at speeds never thought possible.

Neo4j's cloud service, AuraDB, is now available free for small projects, with no credit card required.

This speed and efficiency advantage of the Neo4j Graph Database has driven dozens of business game-changing use cases in fraud detection, financial services, life sciences, data science, knowledge graphs and more. Because of this, graph databases have become a key technology in creating competitive advantage for hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and NGOs.

There are many ways to deploy Neo4j today: on-premise server installation, self-hosted in the cloud with pre-built images, or by simply using AuraDB, the zero-admin, always-on graph database for cloud developers.

Graph Data Science

To not just react to but predict and prescribe the best course of action, you need powerful data science created for connected systems.

Neo4j Graph Data Science is a software platform helping data scientists uncover the connections in big data to answer business critical questions and improve predictions.

Businesses use graph data science insights to pinpoint interactions that indicate fraud, identify similar entities or individuals, improve customer satisfaction through better recommendations, and optimize supply chains.

Neo4j Graph Data Science makes it easier to unlock answers because it puts relationships first, instead of keeping them hidden within rows and columns. Data scientists can analyze these relationships in a flexible workspace using a library of over 65+ pre-tuned algorithms, connected data techniques, and in-graph machine learning (ML) models. Its scalable infrastructure works with existing data science tools and workflows, so you can easily move from proof of concept to production.

The dedicated workspace integrates ingestion, analysis, and management to easily improve models without rebuilding their workflow. ML Ops allows data scientists to focus on extracting insights, training ML models, and deploying projects across production areas.

Neo4j Bloom

Bloom’s illustrative, codeless search-to-visualization design makes it the ideal interface for fostering communication between peers, managers and executives.

Neo4j Bloom is an easy-to-use graph exploration application for visually interacting with Neo4j graphs. Bloom gives graph novices and experts alike the ability to visually investigate and explore graph data from different business perspectives.

Bloom’s illustrative, codeless search-to-visualization design makes it the ideal interface for fostering communication between peers, managers and executives, and sharing the work of graph development and analytics teams.

Bloom is used across a number of industries and use cases, from accelerating scientists’ understanding of disease pathways to data scientists and investigators working together on predictive fraud models.

In the realm of graph data science, Bloom enables data scientists to follow their intuition in exploring interesting patterns, visualizing algorithm results and streamlining conversations with subject matter experts.

Bloom can be used in Neo4j Desktop and some Sandboxes for free. Enterprise users may contact your account representative for a license key.

Cypher Query Language

Cypher describes nodes, relationships and properties with text-based symbols, making queries of graph data easy to read and understand.

With Neo4j, connections between data are stored – not computed at query time. Cypher is a powerful, graph-optimized query language that understands, and takes advantage of, these stored connections.

Cypher is inspired by SQL, with the addition of pattern matching borrowed from SPARQL. It uses simple ASCII symbols to represent nodes and relationships, making queries easy to read and understand.

Cypher queries are usually much simpler and easier to write than an equivalent SQL query. Because Neo4j doesn’t have tables, there are no JOINs to deal with, and a simple Cypher statement often takes the place of many lines of SQL code.

Because Cypher queries tend to be much shorter and simpler than similar SQL queries, Cypher code is easier to maintain, simplifying application maintenance.

Neo4j Connectors and Integrations

Neo4j offers several connectors to make it easier to use Neo4j in your particular architecture.

Neo4j offers several connectors to facilitate use of Neo4j in your particular architecture, and provides instructional support for some third-party and community tools.

  • The Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark is an integration tool that bidirectionally moves and reshapes data between the Neo4j graph platform and Apache Spark and opens up the vast Spark Ecosystem to Neo4j.
  • The Neo4j Connector for Apache Kafka integrates Neo4j with Apache Kafka event streams, to serve as a source of data, for instance change data (CDC) or a sink to ingest any kind of Kafka event into your graph. Download.
  • Neo4j Connector for BI is a JDBC-compliant driver for third-party tools like Tableau, Looker, TIBCO Spotfire Server and Microstrategy. It allows those tools to execute SQL queries directly against a Neo4j server.
  • Neo4j Labs Integrations. The Neo4j Labs team is always innovating to bring useful graph technologies like the Neo4j ETL Tool to the Neo4j community, as a way to test functionality and extensions of our product offerings. These Labs projects are supported via the online community.

Neo4j Developer Tools

Developer Tools like Neo4j Desktop, Browser and Sandbox make it easy to learn and develop graph apps.

Neo4j provides sophisticated tools designed to make it easier to develop graph applications.

  • Neo4j Desktop is a convenient, free desktop application that allows developers to easily create, work with and manage local Neo4j databases. The free download includes a Neo4j Enterprise Edition license.
  • Neo4j Browser lets you interact with your Neo4j database with full CRUD capabilities. You can view results in several formats, including graph visualization mode (for results containing nodes and relationships), tabular and JSON.
  • Whether you are just learning about Neo4j or testing out ideas, Neo4j Sandbox is a great way to get your own free, cloud-based instance of Neo4j launched in about 30 seconds, without downloading or installing anything.

Neo4j Runs Everywhere

Neo4j runs everywhere, whether in the cloud, on-prem, in hybrid environments or embedded. Neo4j AuraDB is Neo4j's cloud service and is available free.

Cloud Friendly

Neo4j is a cloud-friendly database, with a variety of cloud deployment options readily available. Over 50 percent of Neo4j customers run Neo4j in the cloud today on public clouds like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Of course, Neo4j also runs on-prem, in private clouds or in hybrid environments.

Customers can self-host Neo4j in the cloud or take advantage of Neo4j's Cloud Managed Services and have our experts assist with hosting and managing their Neo4j applications in the cloud.

Neo4j AuraDB – Cloud Database Service

Neo4j AuraDB is Neo4j’s fully managed cloud service – the zero-admin, always-on graph database for cloud developers. It’s available today for free directly from Neo4j, with no credit card required. AuraDB is also on Google Cloud Platform and AWS.

AuraDB lets you focus on what’s important – developing rich, graph-powered applications – without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

With a simple pricing structure based on hourly billing, and rates starting as low as 9 cents an hour, costs are always predictable. With on-demand scaling, automatic backups, self-healing infrastructure and world-class security, AuraDB is the easiest way to use Neo4j.

Neo4j AuraDS – Cloud Data Science Services

Neo4j AuraDS is the power of Neo4j Graph Data Science available as a fully managed cloud service. It includes access to over 65+ graph algorithms in a single workspace that empowers data scientists to experiment faster. In-graph ML models and the native Python client help increase productivity, as well as simplify workflows.

Quickly transform your data into a graph and begin analysis with AuraDS. Features include a drag-and-drop UI to model and import data into a graph, one-click backup, ML Ops support, automated workload management, and pay-as-you-go pricing for easy budget management. Available on Google Cloud Platform, you can pay with existing Google Cloud commitments or with a credit card.

Fully Embeddable

Companies like HP, Neoris and many others embed Neo4j into their mission-critical software and applications. That's because Neo4j has a variety of drivers and APIs to extend the database into other applications.

Neo4j multi-database functionality allows organizations to leverage Neo4j’s power graph database for SaaS applications. Neo4j can be embedded into SaaS applications as a powerful database to store and analyze data.