Release Date: 8 August 2022
Neo4j 4.3.16 is a maintenance release with many important improvements and fixes.


  • Logical plans where the same variable is introduced in multiple leaves can cause trouble with inserting eager, which might make the query end up with incorrect results. Before this fix we assumed that a variable was stable as long as it was stable on one leaf. Fix: A variable should be considered unstable if it is both unstable and stable. Fixes github issue


  • Modernize background queries & remove use of deprectated syntax

  • Always send transaction metadata on cypher queries

  • Read cluster role from SHOW DATABASES rather than deprecated dbms.cluster.role

  • Make sure proper metadata is passed along with queries

  • Handle upcoming setting renames in neo4j 5.0

  • Fix PNG exports font

  • Use SHOW TRANSACTIONS instead of dbms.listQueries in :queries

  • Re-add metrics for successful queries

  • (*) in property panel now shows node count, rather than total label count

  • Add url param to preselect in connect frame


  • Change base image to eclipse temurin JRE not JDK. The JDK is overkill and could introduce unnecessary security issues.

Changelog and Documentation

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