Kernix Uses Neo4j engine to Build Predictive and Decision Making Tools.

Kernix’s Data Lab gathers Data scientists working on automatic processing of unstructured data (semantic analysis for instance) and on the analysis of massively connected data. With industrial companies (transport, energy, finance), Kernix uses Neo4j engine to build predictive and decision making tools. For media, Kernix has a long-term experience in the design of customized recommender systems and in the analysis of social networks. Our biggest strength is our ability to work along the whole value chain of a data project: from data collection and data analysis and to the production of user interfaces allowing interaction with the analysis models (dashboards, data visualisation charts). Kernix is a French company, settled in Paris, which is both a Digital Agency and a Data Lab. Kernix is the first French company who has published articles on Neo4j. François-Xavier Bois, Kernix co-founder and director of the Data Lab, has authored “Bases de données orientées graphes avec Neo4j” (Eyrolles, 2016).