Global Graph Celebration Day 2021

15 Apr, 2021

Join us as we have guests from around the world throughout our live stream, as well as conversing with your fellow nodes on our Discord server and on the community forum, marking Leonhard Euler’s birthday. Schedule: – 0:00 Intros and shout outs – 09:18 History of the graph, followed by a fun quiz with **prizes** – 55:08 Interviews with the community members from around the world – 1:55:54 GraphQL Community Meeting with a very exciting announcement! Community members: Shilpa Karkeraa: Luanne Misquitta: Mike Morley: Links: Quiz: approx – 2 mins New to Neo4j? Discord: Community forum: Sandbox: Videos: Blogs: Getting involved: APOC information: GraphQL hackathon:

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