Providing Better Business Intelligence with Vish Puttagunta (April 2024)

04 Apr, 2024

Welcome back, graph enthusiasts, to, a podcast all about graphs and graph-related technologies! I’m your host, Alison Cossette…, and I am joined today by ABK of Neo4j.. .and we have a great guest lined up for today. Joining us is Vish Puttagunta, the CEO of Power Central where they are bringing ERP, data & intelligence together in the food industry. Show Notes: Tools of the Month: * apoc.create.vRelationship * GenAI Starter Kits for Langchain, LlamaIndex, Spring.AI and Semantic Kernel, covering the most popular orchestration frameworks in Python, Java, and dotnet. * Vector support in Neo4j Articles: * Implementing RAG: How to Write a Graph Retrieval Query in LangChain * Implementing Advanced Retrieval RAG Strategies with Neo4j * Using a Knowledge Graph to Implement a RAG Application * Generative Transformation from ER Diagram to Graph Model Using Google’s Gemini Pro * Cypher Workbench as a Neo4j Labs Project * Accelerate Neo4j App Development with Low-Code Keymaker Framework * Needle StarterKit 2.0: Templates, Chatbot, and More! * Announcing Neo4j JDBC Driver Version 6 Videos: * NODES 2023 playlist Events: * (Apr 2) YouTube series: Going Meta – A Series on Graph, Semantics, and Knowledge Episode 27 * (Apr 2) Conference (Paris, France): AWS Summit Paris * (Apr 8) Conference (London, UK): QCon London * (Apr 8) Conference (Madrid, Spain): GraphSummit Madrid * (Apr 8) Conference (Nürburgring, Germany): Javaland 2024 * (Apr 9) Conference (Las Vegas, NV, USA): Google Cloud Next * (Apr 9) Conference (Atlanta, GA, USA): DevNexus 2024 * (Apr 9) Workshop (Munich, Germany): Amazon Bedrock & Neo4j * (Apr 9) Conference (Sydney, Australia): AWS Summit Sydney * (Apr 13) Workshop (San Francisco, CA, USA): GenAI Beyond Chat with RAG, Knowledge Graphs and Python * (Apr 16) Conference (Paris, France): Devoxx France * (Apr 17) Workshop (Toronto, ON, Canada): Neo4j & AWS Generative AI * (Apr 18) Meetup (San Francisco, CA, USA): Cloud-Native Geospatial Analytics Combining Spatial SQL & Graph Data Science * (Apr 23) Conference (Bengaluru, India): GIDS India 2024 * (Apr 23) Workshop (Chicago, IL, USA): Neo4j and Google Cloud GenAI Hands-On—Chicago_Registration.html * (Apr 23) Conference (Stockholm, Sweden): Penningtvattsdagarna * (Apr 24) Conference (Stockholm, Sweden): Data Innovation Summit * (Apr 24) Conference (London, UK): AWS Summit London * (Apr 24) Conference (Munich, Germany): GraphSummit Munich * (Apr 25) Hands-On Lab (New York City, NY, USA): AWS and Neo4j Generative AI * (Apr 25) Meetup (London, UK): Modern Java Ecosystems: Advancing Connectivity and Cloud Deployment

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