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Neo4j’s fully managed cloud service: The zero-admin, always-on graph database for cloud developers.

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Built by Developers, for Developers

Build apps faster and easier with high query performance, drivers, built-in tools and integrations supported by the largest graph community.

Reactive Driver Architecture

A Reactive architecture – from client applications and consumers through the network stack all the way to the database – allows for efficient use of compute, network bandwidth and minimizes latency for processing. A Reactive architecture also prevents overloading of clients by supporting backpressure to the data source.

Lightning-Fast Graph Query Performance

Run complex queries over large graphs and slash request latencies from minutes (or hours) to milliseconds, with 10x less resources than RDBMS or NoSQL.

Cypher: Easy, Powerful Query Language

Cypher is the most widely used graph query language. Writing, understanding and maintaining Cypher queries is straightforward, simplifying application maintenance. At the same time, Cypher's building blocks are powerful enough for complex processing, reducing the number of roundtrips to the database. The top-notch query planner and execution engine utilize database information to optimally run statements for your needs.

MATCH (p:Product)-[:CATEGORY]->(l:ProductCategory)-[:PARENT*0..]->(:ProductCategory {name:"Dairy Products"})
Here's a similar query in SQL, which is longer and more complex. Unlike Cypher, where depth is unlimited, this SQL query selects just three levels of depth.
SELECT p.ProductName
FROM Product AS p
JOIN ProductCategory pc ON (p.CategoryID = pc.CategoryID AND pc.CategoryName = "Dairy Products")

JOIN ProductCategory pc1 ON (p.CategoryID = pc1.CategoryID)
JOIN ProductCategory pc2 ON (pc1.ParentID = pc2.CategoryID AND pc2.CategoryName = "Dairy Products")

JOIN ProductCategory pc3 ON (p.CategoryID = pc3.CategoryID)
JOIN ProductCategory pc4 ON (pc3.ParentID = pc4.CategoryID)
JOIN ProductCategory pc5 ON (pc4.ParentID = pc5.CategoryID AND pc5.CategoryName = "Dairy Products");
Flexible Data Model

With the property graph model, the data model you design on a whiteboard is the same as what you store in Neo4j and implement in your application. Even non-developers can continually understand the model and guide its evolution.

Broad Language Support

Neo4j officially supports drivers for .Net, Java, JavaScript, Go and Python. Higher level integrations like Spring Data Neo4j and the GRANDstack for GraphQL ease application development. AuraDB's UI comes with examples for these languages out of the box, customized for your databases.

Our community contributors thankfully provide drivers for PHP, Ruby, R, Erlang, Clojure, C/C++ and more.

Easy Migration to AuraDB

Several tools, web-based and command line, allow easy migration of your Neo4j databases to AuraDB. In the AuraDB UI, simply upload local Neo4j .dump files via drag and drop.

Neo4j Browser — User-Friendly Query Editor and Results Visualizer

Neo4j Browser is a developer UI that supports query building, retrieval, visualization, profiling, explaining, execution and result export. Interactive educational examples and resources are built in.

Neo4j Bloom — Code-Free Discovery and Visualization

Neo4j Bloom™ is an easy-to-use graph exploration application for visually interacting with Neo4j graphs. Bloom is built for non-technical business users, as well as technical users, who want to demonstrate the power of graphs.

Monitoring Dashboard

The monitoring dashboard features visual charts with continuous reporting of database performance, and resource utilization allows investigations of unexpected behavior and confirmation of ongoing operations.

Extended Functionality

APOC is a standard utility library with frequently used and powerful procedures and functions that can be used as building blocks within your Cypher queries. The larger part of APOC (apoc-core) is available out of the box in AuraDB, and automatically updated.

Global Availability, Multi-Cloud Freedom

Available on AWS and Google Cloud in over 45 global cloud regions, deploy AuraDB in close proximity with your application in the region of your choice¹. AuraDB’s architecture ensures you can migrate to or across clouds seamlessly, and operate everywhere with consistency and performance. With AuraDB, you avoid cloud vendor lock-in with the freedom of choice.

¹Any region availability on Enterprise tier. See Pricing page for details.
AuraDB global availability

Why Neo4j AuraDB?

It's the easiest and fastest way to build graph applications in the cloud.

Zero Administration

Provision in minutes, scale on-demand. Automated service upgrades, patches and maintenance, no downtime.

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Mission-Critical Ready

Highly available, self-healing infrastructure with fully managed backups for automated data recovery.

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Enterprise-Class Security

Granular security with advanced controls to protect your sensitive data and meet compliance needs.

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Getting Started with AuraDB Free


Discover AuraDB Free with Fun Datasets
Boston Scientific

“The schema flexibility and analytical capabilities of Neo4j allow us to see relationships between manufacturing batches that simply would not be possible with other tools. Deploying this project on Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise will allow us to focus our efforts on optimizing our models and staying focused on quality control analytics, knowing that the management of our graph database is under control."

Eric Wespi, Data Scientist, Boston Scientific

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Dun and Bradstreet

“Neo4j helps us to answer questions that span connected data in real-time, including Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) information. Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise aligns well with Dun & Bradstreet’s cloud strategy and helps us to deliver the deep knowledge our clients need to take intelligent actions based on timely compliance decisions.”

Matthew Voss, Identity Insights Leader, Dun & Bradstreet

"Our trust in Neo4j’s ability to manage and run the graph database to meet our SLA agreements, in addition to the company’s deep experience in powering complex knowledge graphs and delivering real-time recommendations were what attracted us to AuraDB."

Gaëtan Belbeoch, Head of Omnicommerce Digital Experience, ADEO
The Orchard

"With Neo4j AuraDB Enterprise, we’ve built a scalable, cloud-based knowledge graph to visualize, analyze and navigate the way our organization manages its various interconnected entities. Now, we can effectively manage our costs with transparent pricing, leaving us free to focus on our efforts on running our business, not running a graph database."

Jacob Fowler, Chief Technology Officer at The Orchard

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