Graph Data Modeling for Neo4j: Summary

Course Summary

In this course, you have learned how to:

  • Describe what a graph data model is for a Neo4j database.

  • Design an initial graph data model using Neo4j best practices.

  • Describe the core principles used for Neo4j graph data modeling.

  • Describe the common structures used in a Neo4j graph data model.

  • Refactor and evolve a graph data model.


There are many resources available to you for learning more about Neo4j and Cypher.

Next Steps

Now that you have completed the Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j Course, you can progress to the Implementing Graph Data Models in Neo4j 4.x course. This course teaches you how import data into a graph that supports a starting graph data model, evolve the data in the graph to support changes to the model, and contains numerous hands-on exercises.

Neo4j Certification

Take the Neo4j Certified Professional exam to gain your certificate. This certification exam tests you on content from the courses in the Introduction to Neo4j 4.x Series. You can take the certification exam multiple times until you pass!

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