Net Zero Decarbonization with Henry Bruce and Mike Napper from ExpectAI (May 2024)

02 May, 2024

We are looking forward to chatting with Henry and Mike today. Henry Bruce (CPO at ExpectAI) is a product leader experienced in creating and scaling enterprise business intelligence platforms with impact. Mike Napper (CTO at ExpectAI) switched to focus on climate change solutions in 2015 after 22 years building and leading financial markets trading and analytics systems for large global banks. Show Notes: Tools of the Month: * Descript * LLM Graph Builder by Neo4j * LangSmith * Obsidian Announcements / News: * NODES 2024: Submit Your Talk * ISO GQL Standard: ** Press release: ** Blog post: ** Blog post: Articles: * Enhancing RAG with Neo4j Cypher and Vector Templates Using LangChain Agents * Graph Data Models for RAG Applications * Maximizing Your Neo4j Project’s Potential: An In-depth Guide to Solution Assessment * LangChain Library Adds Full Support for Neo4j Vector Index * Constructing Knowledge Graphs From Unstructured Text Using LLMs * Entity Resolved Knowledge Graphs: A Tutorial * The Future of Knowledge Graph: Will Structured and Semantic Search Become One? * Building RAG Applications With the Neo4j GenAI Stack: A Comprehensive Guide * Adding Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to Your GraphQL API Videos: * NODES 2023 playlist Events: * Full Neo4j event list:

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