Neo4j 4.4 – The Fastest Path to Graph Database Productivity, Generally Available

Neo4j 4.4

We are thrilled to announce the GA release of Neo4j Graph Database 4.4.

Neo4j Graph Database is the heart of the Neo4j Graph Data Platform, and the most widely deployed graph database, serving enterprise use cases across industries, including life sciences, utilities, financial services, cybersecurity, and so many more.

Neo4j’s secure, ACID-compliant, Raft-based high-performance distributed cluster architecture scales with your data and your business needs in real-world situations, minimizing cost and hardware while maximizing performance across connected datasets without compromising data integrity.

What’s new 4.4 (Feature Sizzle)

Neo4j 4.4 comes with significant new features. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Cypher CALL {…} IN TRANSACTIONS -> Massive gain in data processing for larger datasets

AS line
CALL { with line 
MERGE (country:Country { name: })
MERGE (city:City { name: })-[:IN]->(country) 
ON CREATE SET city.location = point({longitude:toFloat(line.lng), latitude:toFloat(}), 
city.population = toIntegerOrNull(line.population)
} IN transactions OF 100 ROWS;

This new Cypher clause provides a massive gain in data processing and reduces memory requirements when importing very large datasets. You can now start one or more transactions from within a transaction.

Cloud-Native API (HTTP) -> Accelerate application development

Connect to Neo4j using a cloud-native API and simplified routing without middleware or the use of language drivers.

Zero Downtime for Remote Database Administration (coming soon) -> No more downtime for migrations

Scale, swap, and migrate graph applications without any downtime with REMOTE DATABASE and DATABASE ALIAS commands.

Native Text Indexes -> Significantly faster text-based matches

Achieve significantly faster text-based matches, and benefit from data import and run time queries.

Develop on ARM Macs -> Take advantage of new processors

Take advantage of cutting-edge Apple Silicon using Docker images with official support for ARM.

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Browser, Bloom, and the Neo4j Graph Database -> Logging in made easy

Users can now authenticate with cloud-based identity providers.

User Impersonation -> Build secure multi-tier applications

Application queries can now inherit permissions from an arbitrary user by passing a userid into the connection pool.
Neo4j graph database empowers developers by providing them with full control over how their applications interact with the database – including robust data pipelines, machine learning (ML) and AI, streaming data from sources like Kafka, and more. Neo4j’s Director of Product, Ivan Zoratti said, “Neo4j 4.4 is the last and more advanced release of the 4th version of Neo4j. It is also a long-term support release that we will support for at least three years. We added a significant amount of features that we will leave as a legacy to our users. For those who need the most stable, yet advanced and future-proof graph database on the market, Neo4j 4.4 is the right choice.”
With Neo4j, you can achieve a robust transactional guarantee, high performance across trillions of relationships, and millions of hops per second. Run Neo4j anywhere, supporting your hybrid, private cloud, lift and shift, or cloud-native environment needs.

Get Started Today

Dive into 4.4 at our upcoming webinar, Introducing Neo4j 4.4: The Fastest Path to Graph Database Productivity on January 11, 2022. In this session, we’ll demo 4.4, answer your questions, and discuss new features.

To learn more about the other rich features added to Neo4j 4.4, log on to or read the release notes here for a detailed list of features.