Everything You Need to Know About Our Neo4j Certifications

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Whether you want to assess your skills, improve your CV, impress your boss or your family, the Neo4j Certifications will help you demonstrate your expertise with the most widely-used graph database.

Neo4j is committed to making your application development journey successful. Through our free online resources and also our Professional Services training offerings, we strive to provide you the opportunity to learn and gain experience with Neo4j.

As the products offered by Neo4j evolve, we continue to update these resources. The Neo4j graph database certification process is also evolving, so we wanted to use the opportunity to give you an update, on what you can be certified on and how.

We now have three free Neo4j certification exams available that you can take to demonstrate that you have gained knowledge and experience with Neo4j:

  • Neo4j Certified Professional
  • Neo4j 4.x Certified
  • Neo4j Graph Data Science Certified
These exams are multiple choice and the passing grade to earn your certificate is 80%. You can take one exam every 24 hour.

Neo4j Certified Professional

80 questions, 60 minutes

This exam has been available for several years, but we have recently updated the questions in this exam (on March 16, 2021) to include concepts and usage of Neo4j 4.x.

This is the certification exam that everyone should take to demonstrate their overall knowledge of Neo4j 4.x

The areas that this exam covers include:

  • The Neo4j 4.x Graph Platform
  • Neo4j Graph Database Concepts
  • Importing Data in Neo4j 4.x
  • Graph Data Modeling

Here are the recommended training courses to prepare for this exam:

  1. Introduction to Neo4j 4.x Series:

2. Graph Data Modeling with Neo4j

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Neo4j 4.x Certification

30 questions; 45 minutes

This exam was added on November 20, 2020 as a means for you to demonstrate your knowledge of new Neo4j 4.x features.

If you have passed the Neo4j Certified Professional exam prior to March, 16 2021, you can take this exam that tests only Neo4j 4.x features.

This Neo4j 4.x Certified exam tests your knowledge of Cypher and multi-database of Neo4j 4.x, as well as Role Based Access Control and Fabric — features used in deployed Neo4j Enterprise applications.

Note: Neo4j 4.x additions to Cypher and multi-database are now covered in the latest Neo4j Certified Professional exam.

The areas that this exam covers include:

  • New Cypher features: Subqueries, Fulltext schema indexes, Query planner
  • Multi-database management
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Fabric

There are no specific online courses that teach new Neo4j 4.x features, but subqueries and multi-database are used in the Introduction to Neo4j 4.x Series

Neo4j multi-database is covered in depth in the, Basic Neo4j 4.x Administration course.

You can also learn about the new Neo4j 4.x features in the Neo4j Developer Guides.

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Neo4j Graph Data Science Certification

40 questions; 60 minutes

This certification exam was added on February 24, 2021. It tests your knowledge of using the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library for analyzing data in the graph.

The areas that this exam covers include:

  • General use of the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library.
  • Graph Data Science workflow used during analysis.
  • Using specific graph algorithms.

Here are the recommended courses and resources to prepare for this exam:

We wish you a lot of success with the Neo4j certifications you choose to take!

Each of the online training courses has means for you to provide feedback and you can also ask questions in our online developer community. We’re looking forward to your feedback which will allow us to continue to improve our learning resources.

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