How Does Neo4j Browser interact with Neo4j Server?

Starting with Neo4j 3.2, the Neo4j Browser only supports Bolt connectivity to the Neo4j Server. This requires that the network allows for socket communication between the browser and Bolt Port specified on the Neo4j Server. To see if your network… Read more →

Why do my deleted property keys appear?

When using the Neo4j Browser and selecting the left frame and top icon entitled Database Information or using the built in stored procedure db.propertyKeys() you may see property keys which are no longer associated with any nodes. This is expected.… Read more →

List of restricted ports in browsers

This document provides a list of ports which generate an error when browsing via Chrome. It is a super-set of ports most of which are also restricted in Mozilla Firefox as they’re reserved for the services listed below and are… Read more →

Explanation of error “Security Error: 18” when using Internet Explorer and Neo4j Browser

When connecting to the Neo4j Browser http://localhost:7474 and using Internet Explorer 11, submission of cypher statements may result in error message Security Error: 18 As the Neo4j Browser is using websockets to connect , for example ws://localhost, you would need… Read more →

How do I zoom in/out within the graph visualization of the browser?

Within the graph visualization pane of the browser (reached locally at http://localhost:7474), to zoom in/out of the graph display one first needs to select Full Screen mode. The zoom in/out controls are located in the bottom-right corner. To enter Full… Read more →

How do I override browser configuration settings

Commencing with Neo4j 3.2.2 one can override default configuration settings of the browser whereby a number of these settings are defined under the left frame and through the ‘gears’ icon. To implement said functionality you would first need to know… Read more →

Explanation of error “WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, the reason for the failure is not available to this Neo4j Driver…​

In Neo4j 3.0 and its implementation of the Bolt protocol, if a remote browser connects to Neo4j (http://<remote_neo4j_host>:7474) and attempts to authenticate, the following error may be encountered: WebSocket connection failure. Due to security constraints in your web browser, the… Read more →

How do I export Cypher Favorites recorded in the browser

Cypher Favorites are common Cypher statements which one can save to the left panel of the Neo4j browser. A Favorite is created by entering the Cypher at the top prompt and then clicking the Favorite icon to the right as… Read more →

Troubleshooting Connection Issues in Neo4j Browser and Cypher Shell

This page describes common issues users may encounter in connecting Neo4j Browser or cypher-shell to a Neo4j database, and how to address them. Connection Timeout Symptom: connection attempts lag for a long time, and then fail with connection timed out… Read more →

How do I display the REST code from the 3.0 Browser

In Neo4j 3.0 and its implementation of the Bolt protocol, requests submitted via the browser (http://localhost:7474) are submitted using Bolt. From the results frame, on the bottom left, you can click on the </> Code icon to see the response… Read more →