Retired: How to manually clear the Node and Relationship Cache

This is no longer applicable in Neo4j 2.3+ The second level object cache was removed in favor of a more scalable off-heap page-cache. When troubleshooting transient issues or testing out queries on warm vs. cold cache, you may want to… Read more →

Warm the cache to improve performance from cold start

For Neo4j 2.3+ there is no object cache anymore, so this warms up the page-cache which maps the Neo4j store files into memory. You may find that some queries run much faster the second time they run. This is because… Read more →

How to estimate initial memory configuration

The initial and eventual memory configuration parameters can be a moving target, based on how your store changes in size and how your workload increases or changes over time. This guidance is meant for the initial configuration. In order to… Read more →