Solving the “Store copy failed due to store ID mismatch” error

It is possible that after seeding a cluster or restoring from a backup, you may encounter the following error while starting your cluster: ERROR [o.n.c.c.s.s.CoreStateDownloader] Store copy failed due to store ID mismatch In most of the cases, this issue… Read more →

Creating and working with linked lists in Cypher

At some point when working with a graph, you may want to create a linked list out of some nodes. If each of the nodes to be linked has its own variable, this is easy, you just do a CREATE… Read more →

Understanding causal cluster size scaling

The ability to safely scale down the size of a causal cluster affords us more robustness for instance failures, provided we maintain quorum as the failures take place. Prior to 3.4, we used a single config property to define both… Read more →

Comparing HA and Causal Clusters

The legacy HA cluster mode has been deprecated as of Neo4j version 3.5, and will be totally removed from the product in version 4.0, with 4.0 expected to be released near the end of 2019. Additionally, per Neo4j support terms,… Read more →

Explanation of “Failed to update routing table with server” error

If you encounter a Failed to update routing table with server error in their $NEO4J_HOME/logs/debug.log similar to: ERROR 1 — [o4jDriverIO-5-2] LoadBalancer : Failed to update routing table. Current routing table: Ttl 1582554193442, currentTime 1582554193471, routers AddressSet=[], writers AddressSet=[], readers… Read more →