How to Configure Proxy in Neo4j Desktop

Organizations have proxy settings in order to access the internet or external websites. Neo4j Desktop has a way to setup proxy configuration so one can use their organization’s proxy settings. To setup Proxy in Neo4j Desktop: Click on the Settings… Read more →

Understanding Neo4j Query Plan Caching

This article is based on the behavior of Neo4j 2.3.2. Query plan caching is governed by three parameters, as defined in the conf/ file, which are detailed here. The three parameters which govern whether a Cypher statement is planned/replanned are:… Read more →

Manually Migrating Configuration Settings from Neo4j 2.x to Neo4j 3.x

One of the major changes in Neo4j 3.0 was the reworking of configuration files and the individual configuration setting naming convention to make it more consitent and managable going forward. A config-migrator tool is supplied in Neo4j 3.0 to assist… Read more →

How do I quickly switch between multiple graphs without modifying neo4j.conf?

If you have multiple graphs set up and want to quickly switch between each without modifying dbms.active_database in conf/neo4j.conf, you can accomplish this with a neo4j restart and with the environment variable NEO4J_CONF defined pointing to the appropriate/corresponding neo4j.conf file.… Read more →

Manually Merging neo4j-wrapper.conf into neo4j.conf in Neo4j 3.1

Neo4j 3.1 takes the configuration changes made in Neo4j 3.0 a step further, and ships with a single configuration file: conf/neo4j.conf. This is the result of merging the contents of conf/neo4j.conf and conf/neo4j-wrapper.conf. The upgrade does not merge these automatically,… Read more →