Getting “Permission Denied” errors after using neo4j-admin commands

If you have leveraged Debian or RPM Packages to install Neo4j on Linux (or used one of the Public Cloud Marketplace offerings), you need to be careful of file and folder permissions. The installs create a user: “neo4j” that owns… Read more →

Using apt to download a specific Neo4j debian package

By default, using apt-get to install Neo4j allows you to grab the current and previous stable releases. However, if you would like to install an older version, you can specify that. For reference, the Debian repo is located here:… Read more →

How do I set max open files for Debian installs

When perfoming an install of Neo4j using the Debian install kit and as detailed at, upon completion you will need to configure the linux configuration option for max files. If not configured you may encounter errors with a stack… Read more →