How do I establish a simple HTTP Server local to my Neo4j Instance to serve CSV files

When using LOAD CSV one can define the source file to be either at a local file system (i.e load csv from ‘file:///…​’ ) or a webserver ( i.e. load csv from ‘http://…​’). Usage of a webserver might be a… Read more →

Neo4j specific http request user agent strings

For those APOC commands that retrieve data using HTTP/HTTPS, and or running Cypher LOAD CSV the request will be sent with Neo4j specific user-agent/browser identifiers. Below is an example log from an Apache webservers access log at /var/log/apache2/access.log and includes… Read more →

How do I define a LOAD CSV FIELDTERMINATOR in hexidecimal notation

When using LOAD CSV one can define the field delimiter used, whereby the default is the ‘,’ character. If you want to override the default this can be accomplished via the paramter FIELDTERMINATOR, for example LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS from… Read more →

Importing CSV Files: Neo4j Desktop and Sandbox

Loading various kinds of files into Neo4j requires different locations depending on the tool you are using. Import methods we will cover: 1. Neo4j Desktop 2. Neo4j Sandbox Neo4j Desktop Filepath for Neo4j Desktop will vary based on your operating… Read more →

How do I view the column headers of a CSV file with LOAD CSV

If one has a CSV file with the following content id,name,dob,addr1,addr2,city,state,country 1,Joe Smith,04/23/1971,121 Main Street,San Mateo,CA,USA 2,Bill Williams,09/21/2008,43 Overlook St,San Mateo,CA, USA and one simply wants to run a LOAD CSV command to have the column headers returned, the following… Read more →

How do I use LOAD CSV with data including quotes

When using LOAD CSV to read a file which includes data with double quote characters (“), the quotes need to be escaped as 2 double quote characters For example if your data file (courses.csv) included the following content COURSE_ID|COURSE_TITLE 1215,”””Graphs… Read more →

Explanation of error LOAD CSV error of “Couldn’t load the external resource …​”

When running a LOAD CSV Cypher statement, for example LOAD CSV WITH HEADERS FROM “” AS row WITH row create (c:cities {}); whether through bin/neo4j-shell or the browser at http://localhost:7474 this may result in an error as follows Couldn’t load… Read more →