Using the ACTUAL data type with neo4j-import

When importing data using neo4j-admin import, make sure to review the required CSV file structure and considerations before moving on. ACTUAL vs. String (default) or Integer: Each node in the CSV must have an :ID, which can be in… Read more →

Retired: Changing your Garbage Collection Method to G1

This is already the default Garbage Collector in Neo4j 2.3+. This guide is only intended for previous versions. When to Use G1: By default, Neo4j versions 2.2 and earlier use Concurrent Mark and Sweep (CMS) for garbage collection. Customers with… Read more →

How to List and Install Neo4j Versions Using yum

*WARNING: Prior to Neo4j 3.2, the rpm distribution of Neo4j was experimental at this time. Use with caution and we advise installing from the linux tarball in production environments. For Neo4j 3.2 please follow the instructions here Neo4j 3.0 does… Read more →