Understanding non-existent properties and working with nulls

In Neo4j, since there is no table schema or equivalent to restrict possible properties, non-existence and null are equivalent for node and relationship properties. That is, there really is no such thing as a property with a null value; null… Read more →

How to properly shutdown a Neo4j database after receiving the message took more than 120 seconds to stop

The neo4j script under the bin/ directory of any standard Neo4j install is the primary means of shutting down a running Neo4j instance. That script accepts a stop argument that will try to shutdown the running instance by sending a… Read more →

Performing pattern negation to multiple nodes

Some use cases require matching to nodes which aren’t connected to any of some other set of nodes. We’ll discuss both incorrect and correct approaches to this kind of query. For our examples we’ll use a recipe graph, where the… Read more →

Neo4j Supported Versions

Review our Support Terms for reference. For reference and planning purposes, the following represents a list of the currently supported Neo4j releases, release date, and date at which that release will no longer be supported. Neo4j Database Enterprise Edition Release… Read more →

Comparing HA and Causal Clusters

The legacy HA cluster mode has been deprecated as of Neo4j version 3.5, and will be totally removed from the product in version 4.0, with 4.0 expected to be released near the end of 2019. Additionally, per Neo4j support terms,… Read more →

List of restricted ports in browsers

This document provides a list of ports which generate an error when browsing via Chrome. It is a super-set of ports most of which are also restricted in Mozilla Firefox as they’re reserved for the services listed below and are… Read more →