How do I pass parameters when calling apoc.cypher.runFile

APOC allows one to have a stored procedure, apoc.cypher.runFile, to then run the contents of the file to the Cypher engine. To allow the reading of the file in the conf/neo4j.conf one needs to define apoc.import.file.enabled=true and then if one… Read more →

Understanding the Query Plan Cache

When a Cypher statement is first submitted Neo4j will attempt to determine if the query is in the plan cache before planning it. By default Neo4j will keep 1000 query plans in cache based upon the conf/neo4j.conf parameter of dbms.query_cache_size.… Read more →

How do I define, display, and use parameters with neo4j-shell

bin/neo4j-shell allows for a command line interface to query your graph via Cypher statements and to include parameters to those statements. Usage of parameters, rather than hard coding values, will allow for re-use of the query plan cache. A parameter… Read more →