How to properly shutdown a Neo4j database after receiving the message took more than 120 seconds to stop

The neo4j script under the bin/ directory of any standard Neo4j install is the primary means of shutting down a running Neo4j instance. That script accepts a stop argument that will try to shutdown the running instance by sending a… Read more →

How do I use Cypher to connect to a RDBMS using JDBC

With the inclusion of java stored procedures in Neo4j 3.x, one can run Cypher to connect to a RDBMS using JDBC. To do so one needs to download and install After installation of the Neo4j APOC kit, download the… Read more →

Configuring Neo4j to operate on privileged ports

In some environments, users are required to run Neo4j on ports lower than 1024 due to corporate policies. The following is a sample configuration showing how to configure Neo4j 3.5 and newer to listen on those ports. Refer to a… Read more →

Why does my CREATE CONSTRAINT take so long to complete

When creating a constraint, for example CREATE CONSTRAINT ON (n:ZipCode) ASSERT IS UNIQUE; this will require a lock on all nodes with the label the constraint is being created for, in this case ZipCode If you have another transaction… Read more →

Proper File Permissions on Neo4j Server

When installing Neo4j Server, keep in mind that the bin/neo4j executable will need to be run by some OS system user, and that user will need write permissions to some files/directories, specifically to the data directory. That user will also… Read more →