This section describes common errors and solutions.

1. Log files

If something goes wrong, the logs are a good place to start. The neo4j.log for each DBMS can be accessed directly from Desktop and opens in a separate window, which allows you to keep it in the background. This is the standard log and contains general information about Neo4j. Please see Operations Manual → Logging for more information about other Neo4j log files. Desktop has its own log as well, with information about the application. The Desktop log file can be found here:

~/Library/Logs/Neo4j Desktop/main.log
~/.config/Neo4j Desktop/Application/log.log

Windows before 1.0.19:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Neo4j Desktop\log.log

Windows after 1.0.19:

%USERPROFILE%\.Neo4jDesktop\ (or any other user defined path)

2. Installation or startup issues

If the application will not start when launched, you can manually shut down any running Desktop processes, using the your OS’s process manager. Once all Desktop processes have been terminated, you can re-launch Desktop.

If you run Desktop on Linux, this is the resulting error message:

node::NodePlatform::ForIsolate(v8::Isolate *): Assertion `data` failed.

3. Cannot start a DBMS

In case starting a DBMS takes longer than 60 seconds, Desktop may show a timeout message even though the DBMS has actually started. To show the actual state, you can refresh Desktop (ctrl+r alternatively cmd+r).

For other issues related to starting a DBMS, you can find more information in the neo4j.log or the debug.log files in the DBMS folder. As mentioned above, the neo4j.log file is also accessible from the More Options dropdown menu for the DBMS in question.

4. Locating a DBMS

If you do not know the location of your DBMS, you can find it in More Options → Open folderDBMS.

The folder can be in different locations, depending what initial version of Desktop you installed and which version you used to create the DBMS. The following are possible locations:

~/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop/Application/relate-data/dbmss
~/Library/Application Support/com.Neo4j.Relate/Data/dbmss
~/Library/Application Support/Neo4j Desktop/Application/neo4jDatabases
~/.config/Neo4j Desktop/Application/relate-data/dbmss
~/.config/Neo4j Desktop/Application/neo4jDatabases
%USERPROFILE%\.Neo4jDesktop could be a different user defined path.