This Week in Neo4j: GPT-4, GDS, Geospatial, GraphQL, BigQuery, and More

What’s happening this week? There’s our fully managed graph data science cloud service Neo4j AuraDS Enterprise, available on Microsoft Azure. Now, you can integrate, analyze, and manage your graph data science pipelines using Azure Machine Learning and Azure Synapse Analytics.

Here’s a big integration: BigQuery data and Neo4j. You can get started with a Neo4j Aura instance that connects to Google BigQuery by watching the video in the Demo section below. Or just click here.

If you’re in the mood to spin up an S3 bucket and AuraDB Free – and who isn’t? – the following blog is for you. Now that AuraDB supports AWS Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK), you can create a graph with MSK Connect with our connector configured as a source and sink. More information here: Using Neo4j AuraDB as a Source and Sink for AWS MSK.

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Yolande Poirier



Adrien spreads data-culture API delivery on API Marketplace. He started as Core Software Developer at Experian Decision Analytics. Adrien has experience as a database administrator, software & DevOps architect, software development manager, IT blogger, and open innovator, open source maintainer and contributor, and a data storyteller. He is a Neo4j Ninja and you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

In his NODES 2022 presentation, he shows how to build an information system cartography solution on Neo4j that answers complex questions. Watch his talk!

LLMs: Creating a Knowledge Graph From Video Transcripts With GPT-4
Instead of labeling a dataset and training a custom model, Tomaz Bratanic uses GPT-4 as a domain expert to model this dataset. He splits the video transcript into workable chunks in Python methods, controls the GPT-4 Entity and Relationship response with formatting instructions, and imports it into Neo4j with Cypher. Also, he sets up a graph validation model that directs entities to their video timeline extraction points.
DATA SCIENCE: How to Use Cypher Aggregations in Neo4j Graph Data Science
In this tutorial, Tomaz Bratanic explores the Cypher Aggregation projection option for projecting an in-memory graph in the Graph Data Science Library. It’s recommended to open a GDS project in Sandbox to follow along with the code.
TRAINING SERIES : Build a Routing Web Application

William Lyon showcases how to use geospatial data in the Neo4j graph database. He starts out by covering the spatial types and functions available in the Cypher query language, and Neo4j then moves on to spatial search operations and routing with graph algorithms.

GRAPHQL: Visualizing GraphQL Query Data With Neo4j

Asiamah-Konadu Nana Kwame of LogRocket Blog creates a to-do application with a Node.js backend using GraphQL as the API and Neo4j AuraDB as the database. He performs CRUD operations using GraphQL and then visualizes the data in Neo4j AuraDB.

GraphStuff.FM PODCAST: Graph Database Use Cases That Will Blow Your Mind

Alison Cossette, Andreas Kollegger, Will Lyon, and Jason Koo take you on an exploratory journey on some of the most innovative and impactful graph database use cases. Also, catch up on the latest news, recent video recaps, and Neo4j product updates, and get a preview of things to come.

DEMO: Neo4j BigQuery

This video demonstrates how to get data from BigQuery into Neo4j as a stored procedure facilitated by Apache Spark. Learn to configure connection and authentication for BigQuery and Neo4j Aura, and the mapping of BigQuery data to Neo4j nodes and relationships.


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