Recommendations Are Appearing Everywhere

After launching in the world of social networks and dating sites, highly-targeted recommendations have become a vital part of shopping, networking and service websites worldwide. Businesses of all kinds are incorporating personalized recommendations into their online marketing strategies. And the… Read more →

Graph Databases for Identity and Access Management

The growth of enterprise networks and the explosion of connected devices has turned Identity and Access Management (IAM) into one of the top concerns of IT organizations across the globe. IAM services authenticate users at sign-on and authorize which resources… Read more →

openCypher: Evolving the Cypher Standard

It’s Time for Graph Standards Over the last decade, graph database technology has grown from a promising curiosity to the fastest growing sector of the database market. The parallelisms to the relational database market of 30 years ago are striking:… Read more →

Graph-Based Master Data Management

What is Master Data? To use consistent versions of crucial operating data in systems across your organization, you need a central source of master data—which includes information about your customers, products, business units, locations, suppliers, partners, processes and policies. Why… Read more →

Moving from Relational to Relationships

Modern Data Breaks Relational Models Since the 1980s, the relational database has been the preferred platform for enterprise software applications that process highly structured data. But the demands of modern business trigger seismic shifts that push relational models to their… Read more →