This Week in Neo4j – The MET Art Collections, Neo4j Path Through the Christmas Holidays, Decoding Covid-19 tweets using NLP and Neo4j

Hi graphistas,

Welcome to the first version of TWIN4j for 2021.

Our video this week is an interview with Emil Eifrem about the FinCEN Files investigation.

Antonin Smid explores The MET Art Collection, Dan Flavin builds a Christmas Tree using Cypher, and Sebastian Daschner implements an undo feature using Neo4j and Quarkus.

And finally, Shyam Pratap Singh analyses COVID-19 tweets using Neo4j and GraphAware NLP.

Cheers, Mark and the Developer Relations team

This week’s featured community member is Mark Heckler.

Mark Heckler - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Mark Heckler – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Mark Heckler is a Spring Developer & Advocate at VMware, conference speaker, and author of Spring Boot: Up & Running, due for final publication in February 2021. Chapter 6 of the book uses Neo4j as an example of how to create a repository-based service with a graph database.

Mark also paired up with Neo4j’s Jennfier Reif to present on Neo4j and Spring Boot at various conferences and meetups. One of these occasions was at the Neo4j Online Meetup in early 2019, showed how to build a graph-backed application using Spring Data Neo4j, Spring Boot, and data sourced from the Marvel API.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for your work Mark!

Follow the money: Untangling complex fraud networks with Emil Eifrem

Our video this week is a fireside chat between Emil Eifrem, CEO at Neo4j, and Chelsea Bruce-Lockhart of the Financial Times.

Their discussion focuses on the power of graph databases as applied to the latest FinCEN Files investigation.

Exploring The MET Art Collections with Hume #1

Antonin Smid has started a blog post series showing how to analyse The MET Art Collection, using GraphAware Hume.

In the first post, Antonin ingests a CSV file of the artworks and sets up visualisation actions to explore the data.

A Neo4j Path Through the Christmas Holidays

I missed Dan Flavin’s Christmas themed post last year, but we can allow ourselves a bit of nostalgia.

Dan writes a Christmas tree generating Cypher query and also shows what would happen if the Grinch stole one of the nodes!

Overview of Neo4j 4.0 Training Course, Implementing an Undo Feature, Query Logging in Neo4j 4.0

Decoding Covid-19 tweets using NLP and Neo4j

Shyam Pratap Singh makes sense of tweets about COVID-19 using Neo4j and the GraphAware NLP Library.

Shyam runs named entity recognition and sentiment analysis against the data, before writing queries to find people both for and against vaccinations.

Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet this week was by Rik Van Bruggen:

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