Chapter 4. Configuration Options

This chapter gives an overview of all the configuration options used by the APOC library.

Set these config options in $NEO4J_HOME/neo4j.conf

All boolean options have default value set to false. This means that they are disabled, unless mentioned otherwise.


Enable triggers


Enable time to live background task

apoc.ttl.schedule=5 (default 60)

Set frequency in seconds to run ttl background task

apoc.import.file.use_neo4j_config=true/false (default true)

the procedures check whether file system access is allowed and possibly constrained to a specific directory by reading the two configuration parameters and dbms.directories.import respectively


Enable reading local files from disk


Enable writing local files to disk


store jdbc-urls under a key to be used by apoc.load.jdbc<key>.uri=es-url-with-credentials

store es-urls under a key to be used by elasticsearch procedures


store mongodb-urls under a key to be used by mongodb procedures


store couchbase-urls under a key to be used by couchbase procedures

Many periodic procedures rely on a scheduled executor that has a pool of threads with a default fixed size. You can configure the pool size using this configuration property

Number of threads in the default APOC thread pool used for background executions.