Build with Neo4j and GraphQL at the Leonhard Euler Idea Contest

Submit Breakthrough Solutions to Win $10k Worth of Prizes All of us have ideas: the ideas that must be heard, the ideas that improve our lives and perhaps even millions of others. But how often do we act on turning those ideas into a reality? Well, most good ideas don’t go beyond those initial... read more

15 Tools for Visualizing Your Neo4j Graph Database

Visualizing graphs is hard. When I started working with graph data, I realized it takes significant work to create intuitive graph visualizations. Thankfully, a ton of tools have been developed that make graph visualization a cakewalk.In this article, I’m zooming in on some of my favorite... read more

Create your own Neo4j dashboards with Retool, a low-code tool for building apps with drag-and-drop components and Javascript customization.

Create-Your-Own Dashboard: Using Retool with Neo4j

My latest research for integrations with Neo4j brought me to Retool: a low-code tool for building applications with drag-and-drop components and Javascript customizations. Still not sure what that means?We have this very popular concept (in the U.S., at least) of create-your-own-food-item bars... read more

Everything You Need to Know About Our Neo4j Certifications

Photo by Vasily Koloda on UnsplashWhether you want to assess your skills, improve your CV, impress your boss or your family, the Neo4j Certifications will help you demonstrate your expertise with the most widely-used graph database.Neo4j is committed to making your application development... read more

Neo4j Browser Embraces the Monaco Editor

Imagine having a bit of VS Code at your fingertips when writing Cypher queries, and then telling us all about it.Neo4j Browser 4.2.4 launched last week, and with it brings exciting changes to improve your experience when writing and running Cypher queries. The latest Browser is available to... read more