GDS Enterprise Edition

Unlocking the Enterprise Edition of the Neo4j Graph Data Science library requires a valid license key. To register for a license, please visit

The license is issued in the form of a license key file, which needs to be placed in a directory accessible by the Neo4j server. You can configure the location of the license key file by setting the gds.enterprise.license_file option in the neo4j.conf configuration file of your Neo4j installation. The location must be specified using an absolute path. You must restart the database when configuring the license key for the first time and every time the license key is changed, for example when a new license key is added or the location of the key file changes.

Example configuration for the license key file:


If the gds.enterprise.license_file setting is set to a non-empty value, the Neo4j Graph Data Science library will verify that the license key file is accessible and contains a valid license key. When a valid license key is configured, all Enterprise Edition features are unlocked. In case of a problem, for example when the license key file is inaccessible, the license has expired or is invalid for any other reason, all calls to the Neo4j Graph Data Science library will result in an error, stating the problem with the license key.