Additional Operations

Table 1. List of all additional operations.
Description Operation

The version of the installed GDS

gds.version Procedure

gds.version Function

List all operations in GDS

gds.list Procedure

List logged progress

gds.listProgress Procedure

List warnings

gds.userLog Procedure

The license state of the installed GDS

gds.license.state Procedure

gds.isLicensed Function

Node id functions

gds.util.asNode Function

gds.util.asNodes Function

Numeric Functions

gds.util.NaN Function

gds.util.infinity Function

gds.util.isFinite Function

gds.util.isInfinite Function

Accessing a node property in a named graph

gds.util.nodeProperty Function

One Hot Encoding Function

Status of the system

gds.debug.sysInfo Procedure


gds.debug.arrow Procedure

Get an overview of the system’s workload and available resources

gds.systemMonitor Procedure

Back-up graphs and models to disk

gds.backup Procedure

Restore persisted graphs and models to memory

gds.restore Procedure

List configured defaults

gds.config.defaults.list Procedure

Configure a default

gds.config.defaults.set Procedure

List configured limits

gds.config.limits.list Procedure

Configure a limit

gds.config.limits.set Procedure